Cake Handling Information


Cake must be level at all times during transport.  No abrupt stops or sharp turns during transport.  Rough roads may cause cake to settle if cake is not chilled during transport.


Cake must be stored airtight and refrigerated.  If freezing, wrap airtight with a few layers of clingwrap.  If freezing in a box, wrap the box as well.


Chilled cakes retains structural integrity while cutting.  Keep cutting knives clean with each cut.

Transport Box

Do not attempt to lift the cake out of the transport box by reaching in from the top.  Cut the box down along 2 side corner edges, from top to bottom, bringing down 1 side to reveal cake.  Slide cake out, handling only by the base board. Cake will be heavy.


Cake will sweat, especially in the hot season.  Abrupt changes in temperature from chilled to warm environment will cause cake to sweat.  An hour before event, place cake in front of a fan to dry the sweat.  Do not touch the sweat beads on the cake, smearing of design may occur.